Open Grazing

This system involves the grazing of cattle on improved pastures and forage crops combined with intensive breeding operations in cattle yards (breedlots).

Much of the land in Sulawesi and East Indonesia is ideal for this system.

Opportunities to establish projects in these regions were somewhat limited, due to difficulty of delivery of Australian cattle to the sites. However, two IACCB partners were selected. They are:

Open Grazing - Successful Pasture Development - the Key to low-cost production in an Open-grazing Model

There is nothing more important than increasing the quantity of high-quality pasture in an open-grazing model. After several trials, our open grazing partner CAP has successfully established 15 ha of improved pasture (Paspalum Ubon and Mulatto II) on their 100-ha farm. A CAP oil palm producing neighbour, after observing the reduction of weeds from grazing, offered CAP 100 hectares of young oil palm to graze their cattle, creating a mixed open-grazing and SISKA pilot. Substantially more feed reserve is now available for CAP which should ensure sufficient feed supply in the coming dry season.

CAP has maintained an ideal BCS (BCS ≥ 2.6) for 80 - 90% of its herd for the first months of 2019. Year- to-date (up to June) conception is 72% and weaning 59%, both close to the target rates. A Commercial Viability Assessment will be conducted in September 2019 (year 2 of the project) that will conclusively test these indicative findings.