Cut and carry smallholder group

Almost all breeding cattle in Indonesia are owned by individual farmers with very small herds.

IACCB works with farmer cooperatives which collectively own and manage cattle and facilities. This breeding system involves small farmers cutting forage from their own land and carrying it to a breedlot, where mating, calving and growing occur.

IACCB selected 2 farmer Cooperatives:

These projects differ in terms of location, cooperative structure and financial capacity offering valuable lessons for achieving commercial sustainability.

Cut and Carry Small-holders - Partner Updates

Koperasi Petani Ternak Maju Sejahtera (KPT) in South Lampung, has achieved two important milestones. KPT has successfully maintaining 20 pregnant heifers, from the Juang Jaya feedlot, up to weaning, and are now selecting a new batch of 30 heifers. As a result, KPT has gained P4S accreditation. P4S are independent, government validated and supported training centers for agriculture and village self-development. Read here for Mr Suhadi's profile, the head of KPT, on Tribun Lampung, local newspaper in Lampung.

Sentra Peternakan Rakyat Mega Jaya in Bojonegoro (SPR) in East Java. SPR-members are running mixed traditional farms and consequently face a number of unique challenges over the year. In the dry season they experience a shortage of green fodder and in the rainy season a shortage of labour. Given these limitations, SPR has decided to reduce their herd numbers over the next 3 months to a more manageable size for the cooperative.

P4S Karya Mandiri in Central Kalimantan is performing well in its second year of operations. Collaboration with the surrounding corn farmers provides abundant sweet maize stover which has kept the cows in an excellent condition and forms a basic diet for growers. Within only 15 months half the productive heifers have given birth for the second time.  Cashflow is supported through the sale of compost, which is averaging above 15 ton/month.